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  • Hi! I havent met you guys yet, but I live in Ironbound and your blog is the first and oly blog I subscribe to! I renovated an old studio apartment in the Village, 10014, and after 2 years of planning, I got a Miele. I could not live without the top rack for the silverware. Every piece of flat wear has its own slot! I loved it and I never regretted for one second the extra money it cost. I got the one without a door and I put one on a door that matched the cabinets. I loved that dishwasher… sigh.

  • I had a friend who was told by a psychic that she was going to die in her 50s. I have no idea if it was true, but my friend has never forgot it and now that she is nearing her 50s, is actually very worried about it now! I think its best not to know. I don’t think psychics should tell their customers this kind of information.

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